Sara Cohen M.A.,L.P.C.

About Sara


My style is warm, direct and practical. I can assure you I will do more than say "uh hunh, uh hunh". 

I explore the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how each impacts the other. My philosophy is to look at the whole person as I believe change happens when you feel safe, respected and supported...and that's my intention.

Together, we will make a plan and design the steps needed to achieve your goals. I love my work and am always interested in learning more. I work hard to motivate, encourage, partner, see strengths. I focus on solutions and skills. I believe therapy is a great way to find meaning and balance.

The three main modalities I use are:
*attachment based Emotionally Focused Therapy
*Mindfulness and mindful awareness

My clients

I work with individuals and couples from college age upwards. I have a strong background and special interest in men's issues.

My background

I've been in private practice since 1993. I've also worked in local mental health centers, in-patient facilities and schools.
Trauma and attachment are very important areas of focus and I attended a major seminar on these topics in April of 2012. I have expertise in transition issues, in choice/change and decision-making. I have a special interest in mindfulness and am in daily practice.
I am also in an advanced training program for Emotionally Focused Therapy: this work has revolutionized my practice. It is the most well-researched and the most effective type of therapy for couples. It's all about attachment and stopping those endless cycles of conflict. If you come in, I am sure I will recommend you read Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson who pioneered this work, so start reading it today and give me a call.

Issues I work with include relationship, anxiety, depression, trauma, stuck thoughts, transition and wellness

Sara Cohen
1634 Walnut St. #221
Boulder, Co. 80302