Sara Cohen M.A.,L.P.C.


Sara- Just a short note to say thank you for using your "keys" to unlock a very old "mystery". DD

Dear Sara- It's hard to find words for the difference you've made in my life over the past few years! Thank you for again and again helping me identify, clarify, articulate and act upon my values. I.P.

Sara- You've been a gift in my life. FF

Thanks so much for all the realizations you've helped unlock and refine and especially for the brainspotting which worked so well at undoing my logjam about my move and career. Great work. E.M.

I feel so much better after one Brainspotting session, I think I am ready to stop therapy for a while. But I know you're there as a resource for me, if I need it. Thank you. E. C.

Sara Cohen
1634 Walnut St. #221
Boulder, Co. 80302