How did we get into yet another “stupid” argument?

It’s like Groundhog Day…we keep circling around the same old stuff and we never get anywhere. We don’t know what to do, but this can’t go on. And we can start thinking, I’m done, I can’t do this any more.

Sound familiar?

In my world, there is no such thing as a stupid argument. We will uncover to the underlying stuff, such as “do I matter?”, “can I count on you?”, “do you get me?”…and those things are anything but “stupid”.

With Emotionally Focused Therapy, our first step is to build a working alliance. My job isButton Text… to get to know each of you and to create/develop/establish a safe, respectful and welcoming environment so that you can unpack and talk about what’s really going on. You will learn to be curious about your emotions that were triggered by the fight and to talk about that vs. the current grievance or cluelessness of your partner (which is sure to engender defensiveness).

Let’s talk and help you recognize how to get out of this cycle