My style is warm, direct and practical. I can assure you I will do more than say “uh hunh, uh hunh”. 

Relationship, connection and attachment

Sara Cohen, MA Certified Licensed Therapist

These are my main areas of interest.

This is what I think about all day, every day.

I focus on relationship cycles, habits and patterns and on our human need for safe, secure attachment with self and other. The goal of my work is about regaining secure attachment. We all long for that.

I work within the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model. It’s the most well-researched and has the best outcomes over time of all the couples’ modalities. It is equally effective with individuals.

My philosophy is to look at the whole person as I believe change happens when you feel safe, respected and supported…and that’s my intention. I love my work and am always interested in learning more. I work hard to motivate, encourage and partner. I focus on strengths and skills. I believe therapy is a great way to find meaning and balance.

When you contact me, it means “I want a happy future” not “something is wrong with me/us”. It takes courage to reach out and I respect that. The initial outreach is often the hardest because it’s the biggest leap of faith. (Who is this person? Will she get it? Can I/we get our best work done here?)

My background

I have a BA from CU in Psychology (1984) and an MA from CU in Guidance and Counseling (1985) and have worked continuously since then in local mental health centers, in-patient facilities and schools. I have maintained a full time private practice since 1993 and am in regular supervision.

My clients and areas of focus

I work with individuals and couples from college age upwards.

I have a strong background and interest in:

  • relationship/communication
  • mood (anxiety and depression)
  • trauma
  • transition, choice/change
  • decision making (making your life make sense again)
  • wellness/mindfulness (I have a daily sitting practice)
  • women’s issues as well as men’s issues.
  • I see 50% men and 50% women.


Do you want to learn more? Or Talk?


I feel ready to go out and do Life now. Thank you. I’ll be in touch. S.T.